Help Muscles Grow

Muscle is a supplement that is meant to help muscles grow, increase and improve resistance, as well as energy levels and provision. It is made for males only. The product has its official website which contains a big bulk of information, however, it is not so necessary. For example, it gives an incomplete list of ingredients which are not described even. Not a word is mentioned about possible side effects of the product for human health. The manufacturer is badly known which makes me doubt in the quality of Muscle. Does the product work? This question is difficult to answer only by looking at an incomplete list of the supplement's components. That is why we will need to dig deeper and try to analyze product components impartially.

Muscle official website offers the further list of ingredients: Eurycoma Longifolia, Vitamin B1, Zinc, Vitamin B6, L-ornithine, and L-arginine. However, I have made a thorough research of the product's constituents and found out that their number is much bigger. Why does the manufacturer try to conceal some of its components? It is still unclear, just like it is unclear whether they are properly combined or whether they are safe. To answer these questions let us have a closer look at the main ingredients in Muscle.

The first one is Leucine which is an amino acid that is said to be important for regeneration and growth process of muscles, such as in receiving enough protein by the muscles and in wound healing. However, this information is not scientifically approved. Isoleucine is another product's ingredient that is also an amino acid that forms part of the group of BCAA. The latter takes part in energy production and protein synthesis. It is not known for sure whether it can decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and / or cardiovascular disease.

Valine is another amino acid that is produced by the human body and can be ingested through foods or supplements. It is beneficial in combating nervousness and insomnia, but it has nothing to do with muscle growth. So, I do not understand why it was added to Muscle.

Vitamin B6 is also called pyridoxine that is helpful in metabolizing proteins and fats, and in the production of energy. However, its effect is so miserable that it will be hardly noticed. High doses of this vitamin can be more promising but they can be harmful at the same time.

In this way, despite the fact that Muscle promises its male users to improve the muscle growth or metabolism in any ways, it seems to be unsuccessful because it does not contain any ingredients which would be able to do it. To make muscles grow, a product should contain compounds which would raise estrogen and testosterone levels, as well as to prevent osteoporosis. Muscle does not increase the release of testosterone or improve synthesis of GH in the male body.

Muscle manufacturer does not mention any possible side effects associated with the use of this supplement. Fortunately, its users openly described the effects of the product for their health. I can conclude that it is not completely natural, thus, cannot solve the problem of insufficient muscle mass and lack of energy. Besides, the dosage of the supplement is not clear.

It has to be noted that Muscle is intended only for people who are training actively. It will not have any noticeable effect for those who are not engaged in physical exercise. For muscles to grow they need to be strengthened with physical exercises including martial arts, cycling, swimming, and other sports. But if you are very active physically, do you really need to use Muscle? Online forums contains discussions between users of this product. Most of them openly call it bullshit, and only some people experienced positive results. Let us read several reviews of this supplement.

"I purchased muscle after I read the Men's Health article. When I received the product, I got some questions about the dosage. When I called the company, I heard a woman with a foreign accent and a lot of activity in the background. I did not receive a definite answer and decided to send the product back"

"I took Muscle as instructed for ten days. On the 7th day I started suffering from moderate stomach pains. I did not lose any weight or gain muscles, so I stopped taking the product. I am not satisfied with the stuff!"

"Muscle does not work as promised! I tried to contact the company for a refund but got no response. Don't waste your time and money on this scam. My friend had headaches after taking the product"

You can subscribe to one month supply The Muscle for $90 or $115 for three bottles. Amazon, GNC and Walmart sells the supplement at a lower price.

Muscle cannot take proper care of your energy levels and muscle mass as it has a great number of drawbacks. Judging by its official website, I do not think that this is a scam, but it is very doubtful. There is no full list of ingredients. Maybe you need to wait a bit longer for the company to add this information to their website. Despite some natural components, it would be wrong to say that it will be effective for everyone. All people have different types of metabolism and may need different remedies. At the moment I cannot recommend Muscle to usage as it has a lot of contradictions. You need to look for a more effective and checked product with a more deep review.