Reduce Wrinkles

Cream is new product manufactured by the American company. The manufacturer is badly known in the nation and the product is not popular. Its main goal is to reduce wrinkles. It works by enhancing the skin's shedding process. In fact, shedding is a natural process and intensifying it can be not good for the skin. Nevertheless, the cream is said to contain retinol derived from vitamin A. It is sometimes considered a resurfacing ingredient because it has an ability to dislodge damaged cells of the skin. The quantities of retinol in the cream are rather big, according to the manufacturer. Cream has its own official website which is not very informative, though. It does not provide very necessary information about the product's possible adverse reactions. Instead, it is filled with a lot of bright pictures depicting magic results as if received after the use of the cream.

There is no detailed information on the ingredient list of Cream, just as certain dosages of the active components. Beware of using this product, it can be dangerous with its allergic reactions. The ingredients may be used in the wrong combination which may also be harmful for your skin. As it was already mentioned, the main component of the cream is retinol that is responsible for the skin's shedding cycle. It is promised to reduce wrinkles, soften the skin and prevent acne. When applied onto the skin, retinol is said to break down into retinoic acid. This molecule is said to benefit skin cells by attaching to them and stimulating their work. As a matter of fact, this process has not been approved by any medical or scientific research.

Skin Cream contains some other ingredients. Oat Kernel is really nutritious for our skin but it can hardly remove any fine lines or wrinkles from its surface. Oat kernel is only able to promote healing, calm inflammation, and moisturize the skin. Acai Fruit Oil is another component that is used to repair skin damage due to the number of antioxidants which help to neutralize the effect of free radicals. Blackberry extract is meant to boost the production of collagen, according to the manufacturer, however, there isn't any scientific data to back up this claim.

Another interesting ingredient in Skin Cream is vitamin C even though it is stated as not a major one. This component is featured on the label, yet the company emphasizes the fact that it is retinol that is the main ingredient in the product. What can vitamin C do for human skin? Well it possesses anti-oxidant properties and that is probably all which can be important here.

Glycerin is the next ingredient in Cream. It is used to moisturize the skin and to protect it from dryness, roughness, itching and minor irritations. Glycerin draws water into the outer layer of skin. Ceramides are main structural components of the outer layers of skin. These are long chains of skin fats. Ceramides perform the same function as glycerin. They retain water in the skin and create a barrier that protects cells from damage. There are nine different ceramides in the skin, however, it is not known which ones are added to Cream. Artificial ceramides are synthetic or derived from plants.

As a matter of fact, Cream manufacturer decided to keep in secret possible side effects of the product. However, its true users have shared their experience of using the cream. The main concern with the product is associated with side effects from retinol which can cause irritation, redness, and skin peeling. Some sensitive people may experience an allergic reaction. Glycerin is not a safe ingredient too, even though in most cases it does not lead to any side effects but some people may have stinging, redness, burning, or irritation. Unusual side effects of Cream include changes in the skin (e.g., turning soft/white/soggy from too much wetness). Ask for medical help as soon as possible if you suffer from itching, rash, swelling, trouble breathing or severe dizziness. To reduce the risk of side effects speak with your dermatologist or conduct a skin patch test before using the product. Let's have a look at some of the users' reviews left online.

"Cream has not proven to be beneficial for my skin at all. I haven't seen any positive changes after three months of using it. My skin has not become younger as promised. It simply remained the same. This product is waste of money"

"My skin gets too oily after using Cream before going to bed. It is not meant for the day for sure. Do not spoil your look. It seems this cream contains only fat. I cannot recommend it to my friends. You can find a cheaper variant"

"I did not have a privilege to use cream because I was really tired of the company's staff. What I can say is that this is a team of non-professionals. Every time I asked them a question, they could not answer it directly and honestly. I cannot trust my health to such people!"

Cream is only available via a free trial through the official website of the company. But before signing up for the trial I recommend you reading the Terms and Conditions. At first, you are supposed to pay for shipping only but after 17 days you will be charged about $85 for the bottle of Cream. You should cancel your enrollment before this term. The product is not available in Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

I cannot recommend Cream due to a great number of disadvantages it has. It is not effective, according to the users' reviews. Secondly, it can be dangerous with its numerous side effects and adverse reactions. I would not advise Cream to usage because the modern market is full of other anti-aging products which are scientifically proven to be safe and natural.